Focus on two talks on foreign trade

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There will be a big wave of topics during the two sessions each year to raise people's attention, this year the two sessions as well. Recently, the Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan in the Great Hall of the "two ministers channel" to answer a reporter's question, said: "Foreign trade for China's economic and social development has made tremendous contributions, and now from the expansion of quality to quality improvement, promote trade status "Foreign trade has always been an important force in pulling the national economy, and China 's foreign trade has continued to develop. Therefore, the situation of foreign trade has attracted much attention. This year, China will pay more attention to foreign trade, enhance the quality of foreign trade, and constantly consolidate the status of trade power. To achieve this goal, China's LED display industry also has an unshirkable responsibility.

In recent years, China's small and medium-sized LED display business more and more, in a series of industry changes and business competition, the domestic market tends to saturation, and therefore forced many LED companies began to develop overseas markets. Today, the wave of globalization fluctuations in all walks of life, China's LED display industry as the industry leader, for a larger international market, the pursuit of greater opportunities and self-test is the inevitable development of enterprises. At the same time, the state encourages enterprises to foreign trade, LED display business "going out" situation is excellent, enterprise development and China's foreign trade can achieve double benefit double income.
On the LED display industry, 2017 LED display industry development situation is good, "going out" has become an important strategy for the development of China's LED business. However, both opportunities and challenges, China's LED display business will go out to face all aspects of the problem, compared to the opportunity to meet the LED display business will be more challenges.
Opportunities and temptations of foreign trade
LED display a wide range of applications in the world market has a broad space for development. At present, China's LED display enterprises are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and other places, but there are many international market to be developed, such as Russia, India, Brazil as the representative of the BRIC countries, The Data show that in 2016 the global LED display market size of 16 billion US dollars, is expected in 2020, the global LED display market size will reach 31 billion US dollars.
The past two years, China's LED display business "going out" approach has also undergone tremendous changes to the overseas market is no longer just the privilege of leading enterprises, more and more enterprises to adopt cross-border mergers and acquisitions, overseas factories or engineering contract And many other ways to successfully "go out", the industry is no longer successful overweight "foreign trade" of the screen enterprises, they not only achieved leveraging the international market channels, the international brand value of existing manufacturers, the core patent technology, to avoid intellectual property Disputes and other risks, more importantly, to enhance their own international competitiveness of enterprises.
In addition, since last year, the RMB devaluation to stimulate the export business growth, as well as the "zone along the way" policy to promote the state of the new display device industry support, tax relief; corporate export tax rebate and other related policies to promote, On the policy of "ride", successfully opened the international LED display market. At the same time, after a few years ago the price war and industry reshuffle, in the raw material prices and other reasons to stimulate under the Chinese LED display industry is to strengthen the product quality and brand building the road.
Therefore, both the export situation or the national export policy for China's LED display business "going out" has brought great conditions, in the face of such a favorable export situation, 2017, LED display companies are large-scale overseas markets Move forward So, China's LED display business to expand overseas markets, can effectively stimulate the market demand is what?
1, a small gap between the international market demand hot
2017 is a small distance LED display products continue to break out of the year, a small pitch LED display began a wide range of applications in the market, and even some enterprises or to achieve a mass production, small distance LED display product prices are expected to decline, to the outdoor display And stage rental trends are also very obvious.
It is understood that small-distance LED products by 2020 small-scale LED market size is expected to reach 4.65 billion yuan, is expected to remain stable growth of 20% -30%, and small pitch technology in the international market increasingly hot, but also to China LED display Screen to seize the opportunity of the international market. With many manufacturers involved in the field of small-pitch LED display, small pitch technology will be a certain popularity, to achieve mass production, and further promote the small pitch LED display products to the international market.
2, the international large-scale sports event to stimulate overseas market growth
In the field of LED display, the stadium screen is a huge segment of the field. With the country's attention to the sports industry and policy support, LED display enterprises to enter the field of sports momentum has gradually strengthened. 2016 is the first year of sports, the World Cup in 2018 and other international events have come one after another, LED display will be frequently appear in these sports venues, the stadium screen market gradually opened, the future of international large-scale sports will continue to increase, National Stadium demand for LED display is obvious.
With the overseas large-scale sports event to stimulate the construction and upgrading of sports infrastructure, LED display sports ecology continues to improve, the stadium demand for LED display will be more and more for China's LED display enterprises to expand overseas market opportunities The
3, conventional LED display overseas demand
As we all know, in the domestic LED display market demand is the largest conventional LED display, the international market is the case, although some high-end projects to build concern, but some of the conventional LED display project is the mainstream of the market. Especially in India, Brazil and other countries, conventional LED display price is relatively low, product stability, to achieve effective application in the short term, the market demand.
From the quantitative point of view, the real pull the international LED display market when the conventional LED display products, although the conventional LED display product profit margins are low, but in front of the huge international market, conventional LED display sold abroad is still a pole Big market red sea.
4, creative LED display to meet the high-end market
With the extensive application of LED display products, application areas and application markets have been rapidly improved, the user's demand is also getting higher and higher, in order to meet the needs of different users, LED creative display came into being.
In the international market, often some major projects need to build high-end LED display products, but also need a unique display program, in recent years, China's LED screen, LED transparent screen, LED grid screen and other creative display areas to increase investment in the future , With the domestic high-end LED display product technology popularization, quality and price on the domestic LED display business will also form a certain advantage, is expected to enter the foreign high-end LED display market. Therefore, in Europe and the United States high-end market, creative LED display for the enterprise to the world stage to provide a viable path of development.
International Trade Situation and Domestic Enterprises
China's LED display business overseas expansion trend is good. With the deepening of the global economic process, China's LED display business is accelerating the "going out" pace, with many countries increasingly close trade relations. However, by the international situation and the domestic LED display industry itself, the impact of constraints, the Chinese LED display overseas development presents a lot of instability.
Overseas trade is not optimistic
From the global trade as a whole, the global trade downturn has continued for many years, trade growth has not yet reached the current economic growth, according to the World Trade Organization forecast, 2016 global trade growth is expected to 1.7% for nearly seven years The slowest growth. The continued downturn in the global economy has further contributed to the rise of foreign trade protectionism and the slowdown in global supply chain expansion. It is worth mentioning that the European and American markets are China LED display enterprises overseas layout of the important areas, but because the United States, the EU is China's anti-dumping measures to take one of the WTO members, which related to LED enterprises and LED display Exports caused a serious impact, the relevant LED business paid a considerable price.
In 2017, China's foreign trade friction showed an increasing trend. With Trump took office, the growing US trade protectionism, not only conducive to US economic growth, but also increased the world economic chaos and uncertainty. The European and American markets are the main international high-end LED display market, the United States to enhance trade protection will naturally hinder the Chinese LED display business overseas process.
In addition, the current China LED display enterprises in the export of conventional products mainly in the Middle East, North America, India and other countries, and now India, North America and other countries on China's LED product certification more stringent, China LED screen enterprises export certification difficult to enhance the certification. On the one hand, LED display is an integrated high-tech assembly products, parts and products can easily be related to the use of safety and environmental indicators in the name of the door, thus affecting the entire LED display product exports; another Aspects, in order to protect their businesses and employment, directly raise tariffs, making China's LED display products can not form a competitive price advantage. In general, the rise of foreign trade protectionism, is actively developing the global LED display market, China's LED enterprises constitute a disadvantage, 2017 China's LED display business overseas trade situation is not optimistic.
Screen enterprises themselves many problems
Of course, in addition to some major international factors, the Chinese LED display business "going out" itself there are many indelible problems, which is China's LED enterprise development is currently the biggest dilemma, both inside and outside, these issues The solution will be most urgent!
1, intellectual property awareness is weak
In recent years, China's number of LED patent applications in the substantial growth, but can not be ignored is that China's global LED intellectual property in the pattern of the position has not been fundamentally improved, and in the market is still a serious lack of fair and orderly principles. Because of this, intellectual property issues often evolved into patent disputes, trade friction risk is also increasing, many LED display enterprise patent infringement case and dispute case is the most direct proof.
In terms of domestic, many enterprises do not know the intellectual property itself, business ideas still remain in the "make money" low level, leading to some domestic enterprises seriously affected by intellectual property issues, resulting in the growing lack of industry dominance crisis. Enterprises lack of independent intellectual property rights, the export has caused serious adverse effects, each year will cause many direct economic losses.
2, the lack of independent brands
Independent brand is an important factor in the enterprise to the world, the use of independent innovation brand is China's export enterprises to vigorously promote the marketing. Independent brands can also be very good to help enterprises to develop new markets, enhance the strength of enterprises, to create a rich corporate culture, far-reaching impact in the market. However, the current domestic LED export process to own-brand export enterprises only a very small number, only a small number of LED leading enterprises to the strength and brand to attract the attention of the international market, the majority of small and medium enterprises also lack the awareness of corporate brand building.
In the process of international expansion, processing enterprises in the lowest point of the industrial chain, the lack of brand awareness caused by corporate sales behavior and marketing strategy and brand building inconsistencies, making the brand in the minds of consumers awareness can not be established, greatly affected Enterprises to enhance the industry influence.
3, product quality varies greatly
In the final analysis, the enterprise is going out of the most critical or product quality. High technical content, product quality is guaranteed, the price is relatively high product to be able to get the market sought after. However, China's LED display industry products are mixed, long-term price struggle, the enterprise product non-performing rate also increased, many after-sales problems plagued the LED display business. Especially in the overseas market, once the product quality will be recalled, the impact of bad, and even if the product is successfully sold, post-maintenance will be very troublesome, increase the cost of after-sales business.
Now the international market competition is also with the pace of globalization and strengthen the product quality is undoubtedly an important factor affecting the overseas sales enterprises, LED display industry competition will eventually return to product quality competition.
China LED display to the international market trend, recognize the current situation of foreign trade, put the enterprise "going out" attitude, look for "going out" direction is that each LED display business needs to do in the international situation And enterprises under their own disadvantages under the double attack, the Chinese LED display business only in constant innovation to maintain the competitive strength and strengthen the corporate brand building in order to break through the international market, in the realization of enterprise development, while promoting China's LED display industry Of the international status.