2020 global LED display market is expected to reach 31 billion US dollars

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   According to statistics, 2016 global LED display market size of 16 billion US dollars, is expected in 2020, the global LED display market size will reach 31 billion US dollars, the overseas market space is huge. China LED display market, with a small pitch LED display to lead the development of LED display trend is obvious, the market showed a 2016 small interval LED display products highly hot situation is expected in the future can still maintain 20% -30% stability increase.




At present, China LED display giants, is actively engaged in the new layout of overseas markets, and through the acquisition of foreign LED enterprises, set up overseas branches, the establishment of overseas LED display product storage base, improve overseas supply chain system, and actively enhance the product brand image, And achieved greater economic benefits.

SMEs should take the country "along the way" and other economic policy of the ride, and actively develop "along the way" along the country's LED display market, and in Asia and other global economic underdeveloped areas to find potential market opportunities. In general, "blacksmith also need their own hard" China LED display business, only to increase innovation and R & D investment, product value efforts, and constantly improve their products and services, enhance brand image, and actively explore a wide range of international markets Sales channels, more flowering, in order to change the background of the international situation, still maintain the "stays on the" stand of the state, to change the status quo, in the global LED display market competition often new.
In recent years, after the accumulation of technological breakthroughs, China's rapid development of LED display, large-scale effect is remarkable, the product is becoming more mature, especially the packaging and the core "spacing" technology breakthrough, directly built today's small gap LED display market hot Situation, the market constantly toward the standardization, fine development. However, it should be aware of the reality is that the current Chinese LED display product homogeneity is very serious, due to the market of low quality products, led to the LED display products, "Boli" situation, the industry's patent infringement and plagiarism , The lack of relevant intellectual property rights protection, a great impediment to the industry's innovation and development.