2017 LED industry in the next blue ocean where

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Just past 2016 is the "thirteen five" plan of the first year, but also China's LED industry restructuring year. Industrial concentration has been further improved, the development into a benign track. Especially in recent years, under the strong impetus of technological innovation, China's LED industry, the key technology and the international level gap is further reduced, the industry continued to expand, has become the world's largest LED production, export and application of power.

Looking at the 2016 LED industry, after experiencing price increases, expansion, mergers and acquisitions, environmental impact, is undergoing intense changes, the industry in the stick to the transition has become a must. Looking ahead 2017, in the new policy, new situation, new opportunities and new challenges in the background, the lighting companies to actively find high-margin market and the "blue ocean" market, will become the main theme of the LED industry.

"LED +" to create the future of the new blue ocean
With the LED market matures, stability and competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the industry gradually into the "low profit" era, the competition between conventional LED products have entered the stage of white-hot, from LED to LED +, to seek new profit growth point becomes urgent select.

Now, LED + VR, LED + robot, LED + design, LED + car networking, LED + education ... ... one after another, "LED +" concept in recent years popular. From the LED industry, the layout of the enterprise, showing the chip companies + semiconductor integrated circuits, midstream packaging + market segments, downstream lighting and display + education and media in the field of the overall trend.

In the upper reaches of the field, the major giants have layout "LED +". Such as San'an Optoelectronics fund-raising for the communications microelectronic devices, the production of gallium arsenide high-speed semiconductor devices and gallium nitride high-power semiconductor devices to fill the gaps in the manufacturing sector in China. Huacan Optoelectronics plans to invest 3 million yuan shares of the North wake up, involved in robots, radar-related areas; acquisition of 100% stake in harmonious optoelectronics, involved in the field of sensors; also want to buy 100% stake in the United States and the United States Semiconductor Co., Ltd., cut into the MEMS sensor business.

While the middle and lower reaches of enterprises will look on the media, sports and education and other fields. Such as the joint construction of photoelectric to build the digital media empire has begun to take shape; Lehman shares of LED and sports double main industry go hand in hand; Hongli Optoelectronics more renamed Hongli Zhihui, to show its layout car network determination to create "LED + car Networking "dual main industry format, and ready to car network made its second largest main business.

Kyrgyzstan on the photoelectric and long side group is expected in the field of education can get a share. Kyrgyzstan has acquired 100% stake in Longwen education and 40% stake in British education, in 2017 for the LED business after the sale to the ground on the group, and actively to the transformation of the education sector; rectangular group also set up a large fund development education , And intends to invest with Shenzhen Qian Yi De Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd. To set up long - Yi Yi De Education Industry Investment and Merging Fund (limited partnership).
Niche type application into the market new blue ocean

LED lighting products in the face of the trend of falling prices, domestic LED companies have accelerated into niche-type applications, such as plant lighting, intelligent lighting, automotive LED, UV LED and IR LED, take the differentiated route, to avoid the blue LED "Red Sea" competition.

Benefit from the global inclusion of smart phones, tablet PCs and wear devices such as the introduction of biometric technology will continue to increase rapidly, the future infrared LED (IR LED) market growth potential. It is estimated that the output value of IR LED (excluding sensor) will reach 710 million US dollars (about RMB 4,711 million) by 2020, and the annual compound growth rate will reach 24%, becoming the new blue ocean of LED manufacturers.
UV LED is one of the niche markets for fast corporate distribution
At the same time, UV LED (UV LED) is also a rapid layout of the enterprise niche market. At present, UV LED in product applications, mainly concentrated in UVA curing, UVC purification and sterilization in three areas. The most market "money King" is undoubtedly the UVC-LED, which is mainly used in medical, disinfection / purification and biological monitoring and other fields. The largest part of the air / water purification module market will increase from $ 100 million in 2016 to $ 400 million in 2019 and CAGR will exceed 50%.